Shopoza was established in 2013 with the mission of providing the world’s best sex dolls and love dolls to those seeking premium sexual satisfaction from a sex doll all throughout the world.


There are several things that differentiate us from anyone else. Shopoza is about the customers first and foremost. We want to provide the best experience possible. We listen to our customer’s feedback intently and adjust our company accordingly. Customers have spoken and we have listened! We believe an individual’s sex life is extremely important and our motto is to ensure a healthy and happy life! Our company works on all aspects of the business from A-Z for one specific reason… to ensure you have the best quality and prices anywhere! To provide a worldwide distribution isn’t cheap, but we have built an infrastructure that will last for decades. Our customers speak on our behalf and word has gotten around that we offer great products and affordable prices. As with any business, our biggest compliment is the repeat business and referrals from our customers.

We understand that buying a love doll is a hugely personal decision that can signal an exciting addition to your personal life. However, we also understand that it may cause you some apprehension. We are experienced in the industry and are eager to help you find the perfect sex doll for your needs. Whether this is your first time purchasing this type of product, or you are looking for something to enhance your current selection, we offer an array of high quality love dolls and are always looking to expand our selection. Our website was meticulously designed to provide a user-friendly experience and to share as much information and descriptions as possible to create an enjoyable shopping experience.


One of the big things with our Company’s policy is security and safety. Please be aware that you can shop and search with a peace of mind knowing that our website is securely protected with SSL (secure socket layer) encryption, the highest standard in Internet security. We understand the importance of being discreet and respect that. We also accept most major credit cards for payment as well as PayPal. In keeping with our commitment to discreetness we don’t share or market your information to any outside parties and will always take all measures to protect your privacy. In addition, your package will arrive in nondescript fashion and it won’t look like you even ordered a sex doll to your neighbors (unless they want to have fun with it too!)


Well for many reasons: First, we are discreet about shipping and handling. Second, billing statements will also appear with an unaffiliated name so that no one but you and the company will know what exciting products you bought. Third, we have the lowest prices in the market. Please shop around! Finally, we have the best customer service. Our customer service strives to be as helpful as possible with the ability to respond and deal with almost any situation in an amicable manner. They’re available 24/7 and 365 days a year to help answer any of your questions or concerns. Take a look at our selection and choose the right doll for you, you won’t be disappointed! WHAT ARE WE ABOUT? Based in the United States, we were created to offer a new way to fulfill everyone’s sexual desires. We came in and shook up the industry. Before, our competitors didn’t listen to what the customers really wanted. They just would produce products and not listen to the feedback. Enter Shopoza.com, the first thing we did was listen to the feedback and change products and services as necessary. Most important, we are devoted to improving the quality of the sex lives of our customers.

We take pride in making sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with our products by ensuring only the best quality materials, quickest shipping, most affordable rates, premium customer service, and ensuring your privacy.

We never share your information with anyone! Your package will arrive 100% discreet and in packaging that looks like any other package that you would normally receive. No one but you and us will know that you ordered a love doll.


We cannot say this enough, we are absolutely devoted to our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be in business. We understand that and that’s the biggest value we can offer. Our premium products are sure to impress and our customer service is sure to over deliver. Our prices are here to win you over and also be the most competitive in the industry by far! Whether buying a doll is something that you are trying out for the first time or you are looking to upgrade upon what you already have, we promise to help you along the way. Thank you.

The world needs both men and women – that is true. Without both genders, the world as we know it would come to an end in an amazingly short time. That being said, there are distinct differences between men and women that need to be acknowledged and embraced in order for society to not only survive but to thrive.

Let’s face it: men are focused on sex to a greater extent than women. Throughout the ages this has caused plenty of problems and misunderstandings between the two genders. In reality, this drive that is present in men is instinctive and tied to deeply ingrained factors that have been in place for centuries. It is simply not possible for them to turn off their immense sex drive.

Since nothing can be done – as much as many women wished it were so – to stamp out the fact that men want sex more than women at almost every junction, it is best to embrace these differences. Shopoza was formed to give men a safe outlet for getting their sexual needs met without judgment or hassle. We did not simply throw together an online store for this purpose and set about offering just any type of sexual experience for men.

We carefully researched the industry and realized that there is a void in this market. Of course, being innovative marketers who focus on providing a stellar experience for men could have simply gone with the first product that popped up but we put careful thought into the entire process so that we could tap this void in a way that equals success for both men and our company.

While sex dolls are nothing new, most of them seem to be of the blow up type. These types of sex dolls lacked the quality and realism that we wanted to bring to the industry so we knew right away that they were out of the question for our purposes. Shopoza decided to specialize in sex dolls that are made of the highest quality materials and that offer men like you the very best experience you could hope to have.

Of course, we here at Shopoza know that even the best and most high class doll cannot fully replicate the sexual experience of having a live girl. However, we are also firmly grounded in the reality of the situation. For a sizeable segment of the male population, having regular access to a live female to reach sexual climax is not possible given a number of different circumstances.

Busy Men Have Little Time for Women

In a word, the men of today are busier than ever before. Whether you are a college student who is juggling a full course load of classes while also working a part time job for spending money, you are a young professional who needs to put in long hours with your company both in order to prove yourself as well as to move up the career ladder or you are firmly established in your high profile career that requires you to work long hours of the day in order to keep your edge, men from all walks of life find themselves with little time to find high quality women to build relationships with.

Finding a woman that you want to build a relationship with is usually only the first step. Sure you might get lucky and find a woman who will salsify your sexual urges on your first date but you can bet that those times are few and far between. As such, they should not be counted on as a regular basis for obtaining sexual satiation. Most women stick to an approach that is slow and easy. They like to draw out the dates so that the two of you can get to know each other better before hopping into bed. Not only does this require money that you might otherwise spend on your favorite hobbies, it can take up a great deal of your time. This is time that if you are not successful you will never get it back. Life is way too short for playing by the rules that women set if you are looking for sexual satisfaction.

Single Men – By Choice or Otherwise

For this reason many men simply refuse to get caught up in this method employed by women to meet their own needs for a stable and long term relationship before investing emotional energy into intimate relations. While this approach dovetails with a woman’s goals, many men are not on board as much.

As a result, these men tend to be single by choice. They have made a conscious decision to put their own needs ahead of any woman that they might have an interest in. In fact, one of our gorgeous sex dolls can be used by these men as they wade through the dating game so that they are able to enjoy sexual satisfaction without putting a fledgling relationship in danger by pushing the sex issue too soon.

Other men are single due to their life circumstances. Whether this is due to the death of their spouse or the breakup of a marriage or other relationship, these men often find themselves suddenly without a way to enjoy the sexual release they crave so deeply. Our sex dolls give men in these situations a sex and sexy way to obtain the satiety that is so important for their overall health in a way that they can control it.

Men Can Explore Their Sex Fantasies Unabated

A major source of contention between men and women – even those in happy relationships – is that the man is often much more adventurous in the department of sex. This is not to say that today’s woman has sex strictly in the missionary position. Instead it means that men often want to try anal sex while many women veto that idea without any further discussion. Men also often love to see women dressed up in sexy and revealing outfits while a woman might feel like it is too much trouble if the clothes are simply going to come off soon anyway.

Blow jobs are another area in which men love receiving while many women are more lukewarm on the idea. Even if a man finds a woman who loves to give blow jobs, the chances are that her tolerance for giving them will be much lower than his for receiving them. Let’s face it – blow jobs are one of men’s favorite sexual activities and most would be supremely happy if they were able to receive one as often as they desire.

With their perfectly formed little mouths our sex dolls are designed to give you the ultimate blow job – whenever you want it. You never need to wait until she is in the mood. She is always ready and able to accommodate you for multiple blow jobs every day if that is what you want. That is one of the many benefits of using our sex dolls. Not only do we sell the most realistic looking and feeling sex dolls in the industry, they are also gorgeous and allow you to easily customize your sexual experience exactly as you like it.

With our sex dolls, you can have anal sex in a tight little perfectly puckered anus with no complaints from her! Using a sex doll also means you can easily switch back and forth between vaginal and anal sex without having to worry about bacteria for either you or her. You can continue plunging into both realistic feeling holes until you are able to reach full orgasm.

Your Fantasies, Our Dolls

Our sex dolls never complain about not being in the mood or having a headache. Instead, they are always smiling and ready to have a good time at your command.

Shopoza Delivers a Different Experience

We knew that those blow up dolls were not the right type product for our discerning clients. They deserve a real experience that is simply not possible when blow up dolls are in the picture. We realized that we wanted to provide a high level experience that sets up apart from our competition. Not that we think that the sites that offer blow up dolls are any type of competition once men get a good look at our dolls.

Made of all new materials such as silicon that are designed to emulate the feel of real skin, our sex dolls are available in a variety of different looks and styles to suit your unique desires and needs. If you are into blondes, we have a number from which to choose. Brunettes turn you on instead? We have those too!

This high quality material does not leak or shrink unexpectedly. You will never be in the middle of giving to one of our dolls and feel her soften as she springs a leak. There is no faster way to deflate your cock than by realizing that your blow up sex doll has sprung a leak.

With our realistic sex dolls that are made of a material that so closely mimics that of a real woman that you will find yourself wondering if you really do have a real woman on your hands, you can bend her in nearly every position imaginable. Have her reach for her toes so you can plunge deeply into her realistic looking and feeling vagina and anus.

Complete with multiple folds of skin and a long vaginal opening that can accept even the largest cock, our sex dolls also have a anal opening that allows you to enjoy this type of sexual experience as well. This is a major draw with our sex dolls.

Our Customer Service Rocks

Another issue that we found is that those companies that sell blow up sex dolls are often incredibly lacking in customer service. We on the other hand pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the industry. Our customer service team is thoroughly familiar with each and every one of our sexy dolls so they are able to answer any questions you might have.

You will find our customer service team to be responsive to any of your questions – no matter how inane or obvious they might seem. We understand that you might need some guidance on a number of different issues when you are ready to place your order for one of our sex dolls.

One of the most common issues that our customer service team hears is how to choose the right doll for a particular man. While this is not something that can be answered in general terms, it is something that our customer service team can help you with by broaching a few choice questions. Based on your answers, they can then make some recommendations. After all, we want you to be thrilled with your purchase as you are the reason we exist in the first place.

At Shopoza we know we have a far superior product that is backed by research and tons of reviews from real men just like you. We offer customer service that is tops in the business because we go the extra mile – or ten – for each and every one of our customers. We encourage you to take your time browsing our website so that you can learn more about us and the products we offer.

With our focus on high quality products that are designed to make your life better as well as our high standards of privacy we know that you will feel right at home with our company. If you should ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email us or give us a call. We offer two routes of contact so that you can choose the one that is best for your own personal circumstances. The entire Shopoza team looks forward to bringing a lot more joy and fun into your life with the inclusion of one of our hot sex dolls.

Given all this, the first reason you don’t want to turn to real women, even those that have no strings attached in the sex department, is money. It takes a ton of money to meet them, find one who’ll agree to go home with you, and then (if you are so inclined) to stay in her good graces.  When you spend your money on professional escorts, you are getting the best level of discretion and service. It’s a financial transaction and both of you know where the night is going. It’s also reasonably affordable if you’ve given up traditional dating in favor of seeing escorts exclusively… but what if you’re someone who is living on a budget? What if you’re someone who can’t afford the hundreds of dollars a week it takes to sustain a truly active sexual lifestyle like that? Just dating women is not without its costs, after all, since the man is typically expected to pay for everything and to bear responsibility for the success or failure of the date.


Buying a sex doll from Shopoza represents the better alternative, hands down and bar none, when it comes to cost. With real women, whether they are “civilians” or professional escorts, you are going to spend a lot of money over and over again. There is no way around this. It is what is expected of a man when he is dating, when he is going out, and when he is spending romantic time with the opposite sex. You need money for dinners. You need money for movies. Heck, you need money for transportation, even if you don’t own your own car. If you have a vehicle, there is money for gas and maintenance and insurance and everything else it takes to keep a vehicle on the road. Basically, dating a real-life woman is a machine that is fueled by money. You can drive that machine all around for a long time if you have an endless supply of money to shovel into it. But what if you don’t?


When you buy an affordable, beautiful, high-quality sex doll from Shopoza, you are putting your money into something that will bring you many happy hours of entertainment and gratification while freeing you from the tyranny of real-life women and their mood swings. You are taking back sex on your own terms. You have your very own beautiful, sexy girl who will have sex with you at any time, no matter what time of the day or night it is, whenever you are ready. But the best part is that not only is she affordable compared to the higher-priced sex dolls out there that really don’t give you added value for all that extra cost, but she only costs you what you pay for her once. You will never have to pay again if you don’t want to. You can buy your sex doll and then just enjoy her. She’ll never ask you for any more money. She’ll never ask to go on expensive trips. She won’t try to borrow money. And she’ll never, ever go through your wallet.


When you think about it, buying a sex doll from Shopoza is the ultimate investment. Other things that you buy will eventually become, on average, things you don’t use. You buy a video game, play it a few times… and then you are either done with it or you are bored with it. You buy a car and it makes you happy for a little while… until it just becomes your boring automobile that you take for granted. The novelty has worn off. The excitement is gone, replaced by dull routine. But a sex doll from Shopoza is every bit as much fun the first time as the fiftieth time you use it.


Why is this so? It’s because your Shopoza sex doll fulfills a very real need. It’s all about sex. We all want and need sex. This is why so much of our popular culture and entertainment is geared towards selling us sex, using sex to sell us other things, or simply getting our attention with sexy imagery or other ways that advertisers tap and manipulate our sexual urges. Your need and desire for sex is what’s going to keep you coming back to your Shopoza sex doll again and again. It’s going to keep the sex with that doll as fun the first time as it is the fiftieth time. It’s going to keep you interested no matter what. If you enjoy her when you first take her out of the box, you’re going to go right on enjoying her.


What other object or possession in your life has that kind of staying power? What else do you enjoy in your life that you would consider every bit as gratifying after years of ownership as it is the first time? Now, granted, the very first time you unpack your Shopoza sex doll, we can’t guarantee you won’t feel a little thrill of extra excitement simply because you’ve never done this before. There is something to be said for the titillation of the new and untried, and that first time you take her out of the box and feel her skin, that first time you put your hands on her breasts, that first time you change her into lingerie and get her ready for you, we know you may be more turned on than you’ve felt in a while. That thrill is normal, and while that may fade over time, your desire for the product we sell certainly won’t. Every time you desire your Shopoza sex doll, she’ll be there for you, as sexy as ever and ready for action.

No other object in your life can say that. Nothing else you own has that kind of draw. And no other purchase you make will change your life so profoundly, in this case, by allowing you to have sex on your terms. What is the most relaxed man in the world? He’s the man who has just had sex. What is the most faithful boyfriend or husband in the world? The man who has just had sex, and who gets sex regularly and as often as he likes. Even real-life women (some of them, anyway) have learned this lesson. If you want to make a man completely loyal, you give him sex as much as he wants, whenever he wants, without ever denying him anything, and while always showing him you appreciate him. As you can imagine, actually finding this attitude among the shrews and hens of today’s’ modern society is pretty much impossible. And that is why the Shopoza line of products is available to you.


The second reason you don’t want to turn to real women is a bit more practical and a lot more clinical. It goes way beyond the money you spend to engage in romantic relationships with live women, and goes way beyond the negative power dynamic that so many women exhibit (yes, even that). Do we really have to come out and say it? Okay, if you’re going to make us do so: Real life women can carry diseases and, even if they don’t, you could live in fear of disease for prolonged periods of time between getting tested. Then there is the issue of pregnancy. Let’s look at each of these in turn.


The first and most obvious aspect of this is the most unpleasant. When you have sex with a live girl, she may give you a sexually transmitted disease. Your Shopoza sex doll is completely safe, forever and always. You never have to worry about acquiring an STD from sex with your high-quality, affordable sex doll. But you do have to worry about acquiring an STD from a woman, especially because so many people out there are carrying something these days. There was a brief period of time, during the sexual revolution, that “love” was free and everyone was swinging and having sex. But the rise of incurable diseases like herpes soon put a stop to that, and of course there were worse diseases waiting around the corner. Sex with your Shopoza sex doll is one hundred percent free of any fear of these terrible diseases. You don’t ever have to worry about acquiring anything from her, and thus you can enjoy sex with her without ever experiencing the mounting dread that accompanies a sexual mistake.


That’s the second aspect of this, and the second downside of sex with real women. Years ago there was a letter to one of those advice columnists in the newspaper. It was a very memorable letter. It was written by a man who was clearly in anguish. He had traveled abroad to sow his oats and, while he was in Asia, he had sex with a prostitute. He was writing because he was wracked with fear that he might have some kind of sexually transmitted disease. Worse, if you think you have been exposed to certain diseases, it may take weeks or months before you can even have an accurate test to tell you if you’re safe. That makes for some nerve-wracking and sleepless nights, as you can imagine. Do you want to live under that cloud of uncertainty? Do you want to live with that kind of fear? Even if you’ve worn a condom and you’ve gone out of your way to ask the young lady if she has anything you need to know about, no method of STD prevention (except not having sex) is completely foolproof. They all fail, and a condom that breaks during intercourse can expose you to all kinds of potential for disease.


So now you’re waiting to find out if you’ve been exposed, and how bad it’s going to be, and in the meantime, your life’s on hold. And if you do end up with the sort of STD that won’t kill you, but which never goes away, any chance you have of a normal relationship with a woman who does meet your standards is pretty much over, isn’t it? That’s why you’re much better off with one of our sex dolls. With one of our sex dolls, you can have sex as much as you want, on your terms, and never have to worry about diseases or any other issue. With our product, it’s all about enjoying your sex life to the fullest. You can leave all that other baggage and strife at the door. You can truly be free. This is no small thing. This is a way that our product could change your life. Do we really mean that? Do we really think that a sex doll product could improve your life for the better? Yes. We absolutely do.


Oh, and while we’re on the subject, let’s not forget that getting a woman pregnant can be a life-altering event. You never have to worry about that with Shopoza’s sex doll products. Having worry-free sex without consequences is a dream come true for most men. You may have thought you would never see that day. But when you have a baby and you happen to be the sort of guy who is looking for a fulfilled sex life, you are going to be in for a bad time. Our Shopoza sex dolls can’t get pregnant, so that’s one more worry off the list for you. You can just enjoy yourself without worrying that nine months from now, you’ll be contending with a new little bundle of joy determined to wreck your sex life.


Now that we’ve talked about men who want to have sex on their own terms, let’s look at another category of customer who makes up our customer base. There are all kinds of people who buy Shopoza products, and men who want to have sex on their own terms, men who want to be free of female blackmail and emotional baggage, are among the most important ones. They are not, however, the only ones. There are other men who enjoy our products, and for good reason.


Do You Need To Supplement An Unsatisfactory Sex Life With More Sexual Activity?


Throughout history, the history of man and man’s sexual activity has been dominated by the fact that men are more frequently the initiators of sexual contact. Now, yes, it’s true that there are women who enjoy sex every bit as much as men. In fact, it could be argued that all women enjoy sex as much as men, and need and crave it as much as men, but society trains these women to believe sex is something to be used as leverage. They are taught that wanting to please a man sexually makes them “oppressed.” They are taught that wanting to be with a man, or many men, makes them a “slut.” Over and over again, society teaches them to suppress their sexual urges or, more often than not, to use them as a weapon. Women are taught that the desire by men for sex gives them power over men, and they learn early on to use this leverage to get what they want from the men in their lives. All the while, they are taught by society that, while to enjoy sex may not be wrong, to be seen or noticed enjoying sex certainly is.


This is why men frequently find themselves in largely sexless marriages. Early on, when passions are high and inhibitions are low, a man and a woman who enjoy each other’s company will enjoy sex with each other very often. This is why newlyweds have the reputation for frequent sex that they do. The sex is still new, fresh, and exciting. There is still plenty the couple wants to experience and learn about each other. As time goes on, after a while, the novelty wears off. They stop having sex as often as they used to. Maybe it just isn’t as good as it is before, or maybe responsibilities and other life issues and life changes get in the way. The introduction of children to the home can be a big mood killer, and many parents of newborns will tell you that their sex lives slow down in a big way. Some relationships never recover from changes like this. Others stay in a constant state of going downhill, the sexual contact in the marriage growing less and less over time, until the pair never has sex anymore. This drives one or both partners to seek out someone else, and the affairs further erode the marriage.


You may be one of these men who finds himself in an unsatisfactory relationship. Or you might be recently divorced and in no mood to tackle the modern dating scene, with all of its problems and pitfalls. We completely understand. Our high-quality sex dolls are the perfect solution. If you find yourself in a relationship that is providing you with less than satisfactory sexual gratification, you can supplement your real-life sex with our sex dolls. This may actually improve your sex life overall, because using our dolls has a stamina-training effect. The more sex you have with one of our sex dolls, the more you practice gaining, keeping, and using your erection, in the most perfect simulation of sex with a real-life partner that there is.


It is possible that using one of our sex dolls will help you to last longer and to stay harder. This is what we mean by stamina training. When you have sex with one of our dolls, and especially if you do it over and over again, you’re not just having sex. You’re also practicing sex, and that means that the next time you have a real-life partner, you’re going to do better than without that practice. At least, we think so. Obviously, none of this science and we don’t exactly have a study to back it up. That just seems like it makes the most sense to us. And it’s the kind of experience many of our happy customers have had.


Are You Hypersexual? Are you Not Satisfied with Even a Very Active Sex Life? Our Products Can Help.


Maybe you’re the kind of guy who has a very cooperative partner. Maybe you’re even the sort of guy who has multiple cooperative partners. You’re “drowning in women,” so to speak… but you just can’t seem to get enough. We understand that, too. Sometimes people call this “sexual addiction.” Sometimes they just call it having a very active sex life. Whatever the reason behind it, you’re the sort of man who needs sex a lot, and it’s frankly more than your partner can handle. Or maybe your partner is always willing to have sex whenever you want her to, or you have multiple partners who are ready and willing and able to do this for you and with you… but there are those times when none of them are available and you’ve just GOT to have it.


Well, we understand. We know that your Shopoza sex doll is very important to you, because it is always there. It never goes away. It never sleeps. It will never let you down, stand you up, or otherwise fail you. Even when all the other women in your life are unavailable, your Shopoza sex doll is there for you, and will help you get through those long, lonely nights when you’ve just got to have some action.


Do You Live In A Remote Location Or Unusual Circumstance? Can You Not Get Sex Any Other Way? We’re Here For You!


While this is an unusual reason to buy a sex doll, it isn’t unheard of at all. When sex dolls first came to public awareness, it was because of the practice of selling them to men who worked in very remote locations, or who were otherwise living or working in areas where women simply could not be had. These could be because there were no women around, such as in remote labor camps and other inhospitable regions in the world. It could also be because there were some women, but not nearly enough women to go around, and no “professional entertainers” to pick up the slack, either. We remember seeing an interview, years ago when sex dolls first hit the market, with a Japanese man who worked in a remote and very cold region of the world where there were no women and no prostitutes either. If he wanted to have sex, he had few options… until he bought his sex doll. Then he always had a woman who was willing to keep him company at night.


There may be any number of reasons you can’t or don’t want to date real women. They may not be available. You may have personal reasons why you’re just not ready or willing to date. Maybe you can’t sustain dating a real woman on your schedule? We’ve all been there. Have you ever thought to yourself that you wished you could have a girlfriend just on the weekends, or just one weekend a month, because you’re busy the rest of the time? Well, the problem with a real woman is that very few of them would accept that kind of arrangement because it wouldn’t give them enough attention. That’s certainly not something we can fault them for. But if you do find yourself only wanting to have sex every so often, then buying one of our high-quality sex dolls is one way you can meet your needs without inconveniencing or disappointing a woman who demands more of your time than you are prepared to give.


Our product is just so safe, so useful, so versatile, that it is hard to imagine a world without the Shopoza sex doll. We will fulfill your needs. We will meet your fantasies. We will show you just how great sex with one of our high-quality, affordable sex dolls can be. And we will show you a way that you can leave behind loneliness forever. With one of our products, you can have sex on your terms, when you are ready for it. When you are done and you wish time to yourself, your sex doll will give you no complaint. She is, in all ways, the perfect woman. She has all of the advantages of a woman and none of the problems associated with them. She is all yours. She is your Shopoza sex doll, and we think you’re going to be very happy with her.


Our Sex Dolls Are Better Than Real Women Because…


Remember: Our sex dolls are better than real women. There are a lot of reasons this is true. For one thing, we spend a lot of time lovingly crafting our sex dolls here at Shopoza to make sure they are incredibly sexy. We want each of our Shopoza models to be an incredible turn on. When you look at her, if she doesn’t turn you on and get you ready for sex by just looking at her, then we’re doing something wrong. But we’re not doing anything wrong. Most men take one look at our sex dolls and are amazed that they’re so lifelike… especially for the price at which we offer them.


Your Shopoza sex doll will never get fat. It will never let itself go. It can never get pregnant. It will always be as awesome as it was the first time, provided you take good care of it. We are standing by to answer your questions when it comes to taking care of your new sex doll, too. But the best part about traveling without women in tow is that you don’t have to deal with their complaining.


No Baggage, No Drama, No Emotional Obligation

Baggage, emotional drama, and trouble. These are things that women have in abundance. No matter how hot she is, so the saying goes, somewhere there is a guy tired of dealing with her crap. Well, the fact is, you as a woman have some serious soul-searching to do if you want to keep up with our products. Because a Shopoza customer doesn’t have to deal with the useless emotional blackmail of a negative woman, he can be much happier overall. He can have greater control over his assets. He can spend his time doing the things he wants to do, rather than dealing with her issues, solving her problems, and bending over backward to appease her.


A Shopoza sex doll can never get mad at you. It can never withhold its affections from you. But the best part is, when you are done having sex with your sex doll, you can simply put it aside. Most men are not interested in a great deal of intimacy after they’ve just had sex, yet over the years we as men have heard no end of grief from annoying, cloying, needy women who complain about a man who goes to sleep right after sex. Well, it’s not your fault women don’t understand that you’re the one doing all the work. Never deal with that nonsense again by choosing to add a Shopoza sex doll to your life. You won’t be sorry!


Only As Much Intimate Contact As You Desire


There’s a famous saying that says you don’t pay a prostitute to show up. You pay her to leave. In other words, with many women, they become very emotionally needy and demanding after sex. Some of them even cry, and there’s nothing that is a bigger post-coital turn-off than a woman having a meltdown right in front of you. Who needs that? When you’re done having sex, you’re done having sex. You don’t need a lot of useless emotional garbage sticking to you. You can’t “pay her to leave” if she’s a live woman, but your sex doll will never complain if you put it away the moment you are done with it. It will never be clingy. It won’t ask you to take an interest in what it does all day. And most importantly, you won’t ever come home to your sex doll to learn that it’s angry with you for something you said, something you didn’t say, something you did, something you didn’t do, or some other imagined problem that your woman has.


A Shopoza sex doll is the ultimate in worry free sexual gratification, yes… but the best part about it is that after you’re done using it, that’s it. There are no follow-ups. There are no strings. There is just you enjoying your sex doll and improving your sex life. That’s the gift that Shopoza can give to you. We bring you high-quality sexual gratification at low prices… and we give you the means to free yourself, to enter a whole new world of sex on your terms, at your pace, and at the frequency you desire.