For the Freaks

11 May

Shopoza here! Hope all is well in the doll world. We are constantly working on finding the best girls for you guys. By finding the best girls what we mean is creating beautiful, voluptuous, big titied, nicely shaped pussies and assholes. On top of that we are working on creating a better oral sex experience. The oral sex experience is a good addition to the other aspects of the doll you know and love so much. It is so much fun to be able to do different things with the dolls so that you can enjoy your time with them. Most importantly is being able to translate your experience with the dolls to the real thing. We have the best dolls and your doll experience with our dolls are second to none. How do we know this? Because we get this information from our buyers and we have to know our own product. There has been some recent surveys trying to figure out why the divorce rate is so high and what is constantly in the top 5 of reasons is the mans poor sexual skills. Women need good sex and so do men and if they don’t get it they will go elsewhere and cheat on their significant other. Do you want that to happen to you? You want to be the guy that girls are coming to you but hope those girls arent married because if they are you should turn them away for the sake of the guy code. Guy code is an important thing to understand and if all guys listened to the guy code it would be a better world. More thoughts on the guy code in future blogs. But in short the guy code is so important to the better functioning of man and its time that we get out lives back in order and get our women back under our wings. Its time for more sex positions and more practice as practice makes perfect.

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Combining the Real Thing with the Doll

19 May

Hello from Shopoza! We really hope you are enjoying our sex dolls. They are some of the best in the world and we have won numerous awards for though and design. Our modern sex dolls are the some of the most realistic and you will enjoy their huge voluptuous tits and there tight vaginal opening with realistic feel on the inside. The opening of the vagina is bendable and created in a way that will allow you to put the doll in different positions while still having its vaginal opening be extra tight. Let us provide you with other insights into why you would get a sex doll. You would be lying to us and yourself if you said you weren’t worried about your sexual performance. A sex doll is infinitely patient and can be used to practice out all your sex positions before you can try it on the real thing.

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The Doll Experience

6 Jun

Hey ya’ll hope you are doing well this fine day. We have a lot of international and national clients and we are thankful for your business. We are working on making things the best they can be on a daily basis. There isn’t a thing we aren’t doing to update our dolls, creating new one, making their features more life like, making it easy to order, and making the sales process all better and easier for you. We realize that the most important point is getting high quality dolls and we hope we do that for you. Our dolls have won awards in the doll world and we know we have the best in the industry. Our prices are second to none and we are always looking at way of cutting our costs so that you too can benefit from that. Our most important thing is looking at how we can make our customers happy and obviously it comes down maximizing the doll experience and minimizing the expense.

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The Secondary Things

27 Jun

Hope all is well out there. We are making some new exciting changes to our dolls and have been putting a lot of time and effort into creating the doll of the future. Stay tuned for some these new and amazing changes. We are happy that you have enjoyed our products. We hope the blog serves as a way for you to see all the possibilities that exist with the dolls. It is a way to keep things new and exciting not only with the dolls but also with real life women. The same holds true for women who are with men who have dolls. We get a lot of thank you’s from women who are with men who have dolls. The reason for this is the increased performance and the knowledge gained at performing all these moves. When you realize the transition from being a normal guy to that guy you dream of being (confident) then your life will change in more ways than one. Don’t take our word for it but try it out. Enhancing your sexual experience with the doll will bring your orgasm to a new level and will help to prepare you for sex with real women which is ultimately one of the biggest benefits of having a sex dolls. We have described multiple sex positions you can try with a doll and with a real girl.

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31 Jul

We here at Shopoza love your business and we provide all these blogs such that you can use your sex dolls to the max. This weeks blog is about making your own porn whether its with your doll or with lady. If you are into watching porn and maybe watching yourself now that you maybe getting more women or have different dolls to shoot different scenes this is the blog for you.

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Getting Spanked

8 Aug

We are going to talk about a topic not usually touched upon and that is spanking. Our dolls are great for spanking because of the material they are made with. There are many things to spanking that make it better and can heighter the experience. It is important to be consensual in spanking and for the other to be ready for what’s going on . Also you need to know ahead of time if this is something a girl would like. You dont want to ask straight up because you want to be spontaneous but you need to look for clues and that is essentially if she is kinky with anything else. Spanking can be extremely pleasurable experience. There are a lot of positive sensations associated with spanking not only for the receiver but also for the giver. The emphasis with spanking is always on staying controlled and not to get out of hand as people can get hurt and vulnerable as this activity requires a lot of trust. The first step in spanking is choosing what to use to spank the other person.

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Doggy Style Twist

11 Aug

This sex position is a great one and something we are starting our blog off with. It is called the missionary variation. We call it that because it is a variation of the common sex move the missionary position. In this position the girl gets on her back and the guy gets between her legs in the usual fashion. You can enjoy this move for the reliance on getting you and your girl off. You can enjoy this move because you see your dick going straight in and out and the girl sees that as well which turns you on extra. So to change this move get on your knees and pick the girl up such that her back and butt are off the ground and in the air. You need to be strong and have endurance to maintain this move.

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Sixty-Nine Time

22 Sep

Hello y’all hope you are enjoying our blog and your dolls. The dolls are one of a kind fabric and as the industry continues to advance in creating material that mimics the real thing the dolls are only going to get better and better. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise but after reading our blog you can see the multitude of benefits from having a doll. Make sure to read our blog to so you can maximize the benefits you can get from having a dolls. If you think having a sex doll may have a negative feel to it by outsiders but until they’ve tried it and experienced what it could do for them then they will not know the benefits it can provide. Have them read my blog so they can tell what is best because we won’t steer you in the wrong direction. The dolls are exceptional and you can use them over and over and over to practice these moves and assess how well you can perform them, how good the orgasm is for you, and if you even enjoy that particular sex position.

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More Sexual Places

4 Oct

This is the continuation of the previous blog and we are going to talk about another spot that gets a guy really horny without being in the direct most obvious spots. However before we get back into it and focus on non doll things we wanted to remind you about the benefits of the doll. We are giving you so many ideas on how to enjoy your doll and hope it translates to benefiting you with the real thing. It is on you to do this and don’t let the dolls inhibit your desire to go out and get women. We have seen this happen to many men.

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The Tornado

13 Nov

Hope yall are doing well on this lovely day we have a great blog in store for you today. We want you to try out all our sex positions that we have been describing over the course of two weeks with your doll and or your sex partner(s). We have been getting feedback on what the most popular sex position so far is and we would like to get your feedback. So far doggy style has trumped all sex positions. The reason we ask what your favorite sex position is because it is the position you need to master. You master this position and you become good in bed. Being good in bed means being confident. Girls smell a confident man. A confident man not only can get girls which will in turn give him more confidence, it will also give him happiness as confidence and happiness are closely linked. Sure sex is importance and picking up women is , and having a good orgasm but what about money.

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Sense of Touch

17 Nov

Hope all is well with our readers and their sex dolls. We have provided you guys with so many moves to help you get confidence and intelligence in the sexual world. It’s important to know that girls thrive on emotions and they go up and down with emotions. If the girl is not emotionally happy then that means no matter what you do you, you will be able to fully pleasure them. Emotions play such a key role in brain activation and if the girl is scared, unhappy, or depressed good luck getting what you need or pleasuring them despite you being the man we have been trying to help you become. There is a part of the brain called the cortex that is in charge of your emotions, memory, and motivation. Sexually activity causes this area to light up. This area receives a lot of input from other parts of the brain that are involved in decision making. That’s why love can be a drug and that’s why love at first sight exists because literally sex and lust and beauty and personalities that attract can crease the inputs needs to activate this area and this area will create the circuitry to develop a memory and fondness of this woman or man that you saw and instantly loved.

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Welcome to the Shopoza blog!

17 Nov

We pride ourselves in offering the best luxury sex dolls on the planet. Whether you are looking for a blonde or a brunette to spice up your love life we got you covered. All of our love dolls are beautiful and realistic. Don’t purchase a sex doll that you don’t find attractive, buy a sex doll from us today and experience the time of your life.

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