Prelude to Making Them Comfortable

17 Nov

Before we get back into the thick of things on how to get into the position of getting a women and wooing her which we have talked about from many different aspects but not all, we want to go back and talk about some sex moves since this is what we do best. Here is a great move:

Reverse cow girl: This is the ultimate, the best, our favorite move and if you are a butt man then this is the move for you. In this move you as the guy lay on the bed on your back with your legs spread out. The girl then comes and sits on top of your penis but instead of facing you she is facing in the other direction such that you see her ass bouncing up and down on your dick and you can see her cute butthole and your dick going deeper and deeper on your dick. If she is good she will lean forward and you will get an even better view at this will open up her pussy and ass for you to see. Take your hand and sit up and you can kiss her neck, grab her tits, rub her clits, and finger her asshole.

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Dildo Action

18 Nov

Every now and again we have a blog on the reminders of why sex dolls are good. So before we get into dildos a little more here are our thoughts on sex dolls. The silicon sex dolls will last several years and will be able to handle the most aggressive of men, hey! Some of them like aggressive men. Have no doubt if used right, read right and performed right you will become a confident man who can please any girl that comes his way. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise don’t believe it. We know people who went from being the biggest nerd in their class to the most confident man you can be.

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