Doing the Fandango

30 Nov
Sorry for the delay this week in our weekly blog but I was asked to help design some of the new dolls we have coming out. They are in the developing stage and they are starting to come to life. They look like the real thing and are so life like that I think one day we may win an award for it. We will keep you guys posted on its progress in the upcoming blogs but be on the look out. So I am going to continue to enlighten you guys on how to best use your dolls through the various sex positions. The dolls are exceptional and you can use them over and over and over to practice these moves and assess how well you can perform them, how good the orgasm is for you, and if you even enjoy that particular sex position. Don’t hesitate to try all the sex positions but if you can get five or sex of them down and pull them out when it comes time to perform you will be “ the man”. Girls can smell a confidence man and there is no bigger turn off in life then a man that is not confident. You will exude confidence like you never have before and won’t even realize it. I had a friend who home one day who asked me how he can increase his confidence. He had other things not going his way such as his weight, and he was balding but he didn’t let that get him down. I told him to get a sex doll and see if he likes it. He ended up getting two different sex dolls and built up the stamina, confidence to go out and get real girls. He subsequently got a hair transplant and lost 50 lbs. after that along with the sex dolls he was a man on fire. We would go out and he would pick up girls left and right. I would often thing what changed and it was just the hair and the weight loss. It was the confidence and girls smelled it immediately. He even got a girl to eat his sex doll out and she found it very kinky. Now that aint bad! If you could find a girl to eat your sex doll out then that’s a keeper! So today I am going to bestow upon you some more moves to try on your sex dolls. Practice makes perfect don’t forget that. I have reiterated this point multiple times but I am realizing something else that’s just as important. That is being in sex shape, there is good shape and there is sex shape. By practicing these moves you can get in good sex shape will all these moves. That’s why practice is important because one move you may not be able to do and you get tired but if you keep trying the moves you will get that stamina for that specific move.

1.       Do the fandango: This move is made to get deep in your girl or doll and feels very good. It allow you to visualize your dick going in which is a very important mental stimulant for both you and the girl. Girls like to see the d going in and it is very sexually arousing for them. So learn this move and you will not only sexually arouse them you will get their minds going and get them more wet and this is is a vicious cycle to more orgasm. So in this move the girl lays on her back with legs straight up in the air and you as the guy step right in with easy access to her legs, pussy and clit, and tits but no butt action on this move if that’s your thing. Don’t under appreciate the legs of a girl. They are sexual erogenous zones in particular behind the knees so lick , touch, rub, suck, whatever you got to do but do it right. This move requires some flexibility on the part of your girl so she may need to practice before she can do this. It requires her to be stretchy and hold this position for some time. If she can do that you are in business and she will be in business too because this move will nail her g-spot just where she wants and if she’s good enough she can thrust her pussy and g-spot harder on to your D as you penetrate her.

Only going to share one move with you guys this week because I want you guys to work on mastering the ones I have so far shared with you guys. I have not provided any pictures because every move I want you guys to think of it on your own and make your own visual image of what you picture. That way you can make the move unique to you and your girl or dolls. Use your imagination. Women need good sex and so do men and if they don’t get it they will go elsewhere and cheat on their significant other. You need to be the guy that the girls are coming to use you to cum if you know what I’m saying. Guy code is an important thing to understand and if all guys listened to the guy code it would be a better world. Why am I talking about the guy code. Well in today society us guys are ruining things for the other guys and vice versa. This is happening because guys are creating bad reps for themselves which in turn is ruining things for other guys. Don’t be that guy treat your girl right and if you are don’t dating her tell her and end it and don’t ruin it for other guys. Until next week, enjoy those moves and practice and put it to good use!