Q. Can I use makeup or perfume on my sex doll?

A. Our sex dolls come already perfectly made up in such a way that enhances their natural beauty. Using additional makeup to add to your doll’s appearance is up to you. Due to the slick nature of gloss products, though, it is recommended that you avoid them. Perfumes often contain alcohol as a carrier base that is designed to make the smell last longer. Unfortunately, liberal use of alcohol could cause the silicone of our sex dolls to become damaged. A small amount of perfume in discreet places, such as the hairline, behind the head, or behind the ears, is recommended.  


Q. Will my doll look exactly like the ones on your website?

A. While the pictures on our website are for illustrational purposes only, they do give you a sense of the beauty of our sex dolls. Each of our dolls is custom made when you order it so slight variations are to be expected.


Q. How are your sex dolls different than other sex dolls?

A. We take great pride in carrying only the highest quality sex dolls that are made of superior materials. We care about the satisfaction of our customers so we offer them only the quality items that we ourselves would use. In addition, our sex dolls look incredibly lifelike. After an initial period of learning, you will have no problem feeling like you are enjoying sex with a real live hot babe.


Q. Are your sex dolls inflatable?

A. Our sex dolls are made with 100% real silicone and are semi-inflatable, which means that your sex doll will be durable and also easy to store and hide when you don’t want it seen by others. Using real silicone means your sex doll will feel as close as possible to a real woman’s vagina and skin.


Q. What do you do with my information?

A. Privacy and confidentially is our top priority. We understand this a private matter for most of our clients and we do everything to safeguard your information from data encryption to various firewalls to protect the website and the information. We don’t sell, solicit, or transfer any of your data to unaffiliated third parties and importantly we use PayPal who is the gold standard for merchants in privacy, security, and protection.


Q. How big are your sex dolls?

A. They are life size as we aim to provide to most realistic doll and experience possible. The average height per doll ranges from 5′ ft. to 5’4” on average and all of them are very pretty.


Q. How does it feel to use sex dolls?

A. This is one of our more popular questions and we always have the same answer for it, it feels as close to the real thing as you possibly can get! There are ways to enhance it even more with lubricants and other tools to increase stimulation, but for the most part it feels great and clean up is pretty simple.


Q. Is it weird having sex with a doll?

A. It’s not weird at all. It’s just a different sexual experience. Usually after only 1 or 2 times it becomes and feels completely natural. It is only different because many people have not heard of such a thing and it is not talked about. But, neither is masturbation for many people. Masturbation is a private act that many people don’t talk about or share information about with other people. The same goes for sex dolls, but the difference is that a sex doll feels exponentially better than masturbating for a number of reasons. First, the vaginas and anus of our sex dolls are made of ribbed silicone, which means that they feel like a real vagina or anus and not a hand. Second, you are looking at a doll that looks just like a real life gorgeous babe. Most of our sex dolls are 5’4″ tall and so it feels like you are actually having sex with a real super hot girl.


Q How do I wash a sex doll?

A. After you’ve had fun with your sex doll, you’re going to want to wash her out. The best and safest method of doing this is by using a warm rag or washcloth with mild detergent or soap and then fully rinsing her out with warm water. This method will preserve the life of your sex doll for many years.


Q. How long do sex dolls last?

A. The durability of all our sex dolls is outstanding, with most dolls lasting well beyond 3-5 years. The biggest wear and tear on any sex doll is the part that you use the most, and for most this is the vagina. Some sex dolls include removable vaginas, but most are permanently fixed. To preserve the life of your sex doll, be sure to use lubrication during any type of penetration and also clean your sex doll with lukewarm water and mild soap.


Q. Are the materials in your sex dolls safe?

A. Yes. Absolutely. We would never risk harming a customer by providing unsafe products. We work with the highest quality manufacturers to ensure that all of our sex dolls are completely safe.


Q. Where are you located?

A. We are proudly based in the USA with several virtual offices on the East Coast and the West Coast.


Q. How soon will I receive my love doll if I order one?

A. Typically all orders are processed within 48 hours and then shipped within 3-10 days after payment. Delivery and processing time can vary between 3 to 4 weeks until you receive your package. Our dolls are made to order and we take great measures to ensure the product isn’t damaged during shipping, which can also add delays. As we always say around here, “good things come to those who wait!”


Q. Will my neighbors see that I ordered a love doll?

A. No. Not unless they illegally open your package without your permission. We ship all our sex dolls in discreet packaging that looks no different than any other package you would normally receive at your home. The return label will not say “Shopoza”, but we will communicate with you beforehand letting you know what the return label will say so that you know what is in the package and so no one else knows but you.


Q. What name or description will appear on my credit card statement account after my purchase?

A. The name that will appear on your statements will be completely discreet so that it does not reflect the nature of your purchase. This definitely keeps everything discreet and private as that is a top priority.


Q. What is the best way to use a sex doll?

A. This is a very common question. There is no “best” way to use your Shopoza sex doll. It simply comes down to preference, do you like getting head, do u like have anal sex, or do simply love having vaginal sex. And when its time to unload, do u like to cum on her face, legs, back, breasts, face? It’s all up to you. What makes our dolls so great is that your options are as real and plentiful as they are in real life, but the main difference is you don’t need to hear any complaints about cumming in the wrong spot or not being able to go anal!


Q. Do these dolls smell?

A. They do not smell at all. All the dolls are odor and fragrance free. If you would like a certain smell, you can simply spray her with your favorite perfume or other fragrances that get you in the mood.


Q. What else can I do with my Shopoza doll?

A. The things you can do are endless. We have customers who only have sex to customers who like to role-play or create a companionship. Also, we have customer who use them with more than one person. The options are limitless and the doll lives in your world and under your rules so you can do whatever you want and she will never complain!


Q. Can you custom make my own doll?

A. Unfortunately, we only have the capability do build and design what is shown on Shopoza.com but we are working on enhancing and expanding our facilities to cater to this important request. Stay tuned for updates! Please feel free to provide feedback on what features you’d enjoy and we will try to incorporate them in the future!


Q. Why should I purchase my doll from Shopoza.com?

A. Great question! We have the best prices, quality, and customer service by far of any other doll company in the world. We are also located in the USA as many other doll companies are not. Sex dolls are all we do, we take great pride in our workmanship and craftsmanship and studied and researched for years on how to make the best product for our valuable customers. We are also constantly evaluating and researching new technologies and concepts to see what our customers can enjoy as we go through this new technological revolution in the sex industry.


Q. Aren’t sex dolls for loners or losers?

A. We understand there used to be a stigma to having a sex doll, but that’s old news! Today, sex dolls are as common as any other popular sex toys. The sex doll industry is becoming a popular industry that is no longer taboo. We have customers from all sorts of backgrounds ranging from married professionals, retirees, students, eligible bachelors, women, pick up artists, you name it! Dolls are popular and in some circles even considered preferable to the “real thing”. Our customers enjoy the control, leisure, flexibility, and cleanliness that a doll provides with a lot less pressure and stress from a “real relationship”.


Q. Are there any discounts or coupon codes?

A. Right now, we have a sale for almost all the dolls and do not currently have any additional coupon codes available at the moment. From time to time we may offer special promotions to select visitors while they are visiting the site live.


Q. I see that all your dolls are women, will you ever have male or Shemale dolls?
A. 90% of the sex doll industry is based on women and almost all of our clients want a woman doll. Conversely, we will consider male dolls if the demand increases as it has been a little low since we have been operating. It’s always important to remember that we are always striving to be innovative and cater to our customers’ needs so we are always heeding your questions and desires. Stay tuned in the future for any further developments! As for shemale dolls, this is a rapidly increasing industry currently. We have studied implementing shemale dolls and even have some designs to build them but just don’t have enough demand currently to justify the manufacturing costs and changes. Send us a message on our contact form if you are interested in shemale doll, male doll, or any other type doll and we can keep you updated when we offer these new types of dolls.


Q. Is choosing to buy a sex doll “giving up?” Will people make fun of me?

A. We field variations on this question a lot. As we’ve already said, no, sex dolls aren’t for “losers.” But there are those who will say that when you purchase a sex doll, you are kind of “giving up” on life or simply on real dating because you are now having sex with a “woman” who can’t talk back and who will never change. There are those who say that relationships, and the difficulty of them, is what life is all about. If you have a sex doll at home and your sexual needs are being met, why, you wouldn’t have any incentive ever to deal with real dating, would you? So, in that respect, is buying a sex doll surrendering? It is like going out of the house in sweatpants and flip flops on a Sunday morning? Are you really just saying that you can’t get a woman and therefore you’re not going to try?


We honestly don’t think so. Part of the reason sex dolls get such a bad rap is that our media and our popular entertainment have tried to link them to losers who can’t get women. The reality, though, is that sex dolls are for winners who don’t WANT women. They’ve decided they have had enough of the romantic rat race. They’re tired of trying to gain women’s favor. They’re tired of trying to be someone they aren’t in hopes of pleasing a woman. They’re tired of wasting time and money on traditional dating, only to have either nothing to show for it, or to have only a bunch of new emotional baggage and drama to deal with as a result of dating. When you honestly evaluate what the romantic scene is like out there for most men, is it any wonder that some of them are choosing to “opt out?” The way they invent a full interactive sex robot that looks and talks like a real live woman will be the day society stops because none of us will ever leave the house. Sex dolls are better than real women in almost every way.


Choosing to buy a sex doll therefore isn’t “giving up.” It’s nothing to be ashamed of, although there are still plenty of people who refuse to understand why a man would choose a sex doll over a real, live woman. It’s because men are tired of being criticized and picked on. They’re tired of being used as support systems for wallets full of cash. They’re tired of having sex and affection withheld from them by angry, shrewish harpies who have nothing better to do than complain and live off men’s efforts. Every marriage is essentially a woman agreeing to let a man take care of her in exchange for sex. At its most fundamental, that’s what marriage is. When you buy a sex doll, you are essentially buying this arrangement only once, and at a discount price. She’s yours for the rest of the time that you want her. This is the lesson and the moral behind sex dolls. They free men to live on their own terms while having their sexual needs met. There are plenty of people who are none too happy about that, as you might expect, because they are threatened by anything that upsets women’s natural power over men.


So it is that sex dolls are for real men, men who want to take back power over their lives, men who have sexual needs who aren’t afraid to embrace them and own them. When you want sex, you want it, and a sex doll frees you up to live your life. It is the ultimate in male empowerment. No, buying a sex doll doesn’t mean you’ve given up… unless you mean that you’ve given up on the status quo, the way things used to be, and now you’re ready for a whole new sex life to begin.


Q. How can I use my sex doll to improve my “real” sex life?

A. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice having sex, the more experienced you will be, and the better at it you will be. This is physical and biological fact. Sex with our sex doll products can help you to last longer and to stay harder. This can increase your stamina over time, making our sex dolls essentially a tool of stamina training. When you have sex with one of our dolls, and especially if you do it over and over again, you’re not just having sex. You’re also practicing sex, and that means that the next time you have a real-life partner, you’re going to do better than without that practice. Now, this is not a scientific statement, and we don’t intend it as one. We can’t give you medical advice. We do know, though, that the men who are best at sex are the men who have had a lot of it. There simply has to be something to the notion that practice makes you a better lover. The more experienced a sexual being you are, the better off you will be when you lay down with a truly life, truly delicious, truly sexy woman.


It’s worth keeping in perspective, though, that you don’t buy your Shopoza sex doll to completely replace women. Rather, your doll is a means of supplementing your contact with women. The more sex you have with your Shopoza sex doll, the more relaxed you will be. When you are out on the town carousing, drinking, dancing, and so on, the women you meet will pick up on your relaxed vibe. They will get the message that, no, you don’t really need them in your life, and that will just make them want you all the more. A man who can walk through a crowd of beautiful women on his own terms, neither overcome with lust nor indifferent to the beauty around him, is truly a powerful male. Working with one of our sex dolls is a great way to become this kind of man. It is a gateway to a vastly improved sex life.


Q. How are sex dolls better than real women?

A. We don’t mean to create any misconceptions here. We are not anti-women. We love women immensely, in fact, and that’s why we spend so much time lovingly crafting such exact replicas of the world’s most beautiful and sexy female body types and faces. Because we adore women, and because we know just how difficult real relationships can be, we hope to offer the discerning male and even men with female sexual partners (girlfriends or wives) a means of improving their sex lives. That improvement can come in several ways.


Sex with your sex doll might improve your stamina, which makes the sex you have with real women after that just that much better. It’s amazing what a little training can do. So the whole point of our sex dolls is to give you a healthy, safe sexual outlet that can be used by itself, or that can be used to supplement your sex life with real women. That’s totally up to you. It’s your choice. But we do think there are some key ways that sex dolls are better than live women.


Sex dolls, for example, never talk back. They never criticize. They never look at you, sigh, and say, “We need to talk.” They never let you down or disappoint you. They never betray you. They never get fat… and they never tell you that you’re getting fat, either. A sex doll is the ultimate supportive, always cooperative, sexy woman who belongs to you completely and will never have eyes for another man. She is, in fact, the opposite of real women in almost every way… and if you think the idea of someone being nice to you all the time, having sex with you whenever you want it, and never, ever complaining about you, your family, your decision making, your job, or any of a billion other things, is a foreign concept, than you are farther gone than we thought. The fact is, sex dolls are extremely popular and there are more of them out there in circulation than you could ever possibly have imagined. Frankly, we are amazed that some any people out there are managing to keep their sex-doll secrets.


Q. Are sex dolls safe?

A. Sex dolls are safe in multiple ways. First, a sex doll cannot carry STDs as long as it belongs to you and you alone. If you are the only person who ever uses it, then that sex doll cannot possibly contain anything that will give you an STD. Sex dolls are therefore a completely safe method of sexual intercourse that carries no risk of STD transmission. But that’s not the only reason that sex dolls are perfectly safe. And we’re not talking about injuring yourself having sex too furiously with your sex doll, or anything silly like that. Our sex dolls are perfectly safe because they’re not real, living people. They can’t ever get mad at you and try to hit you. They are safe to use physically. And they carry none of the messy relationship risks that human beings carry. Your sex doll will never lose its temper, or decide it’s not connecting with you and move on to someone else. Your sex doll is perfect for you, and always will be.


Q. I’m worried about storing my sex doll.

A. This is a much more common problem than you might think. A sex doll from Shopoza is the size and weight of a full-sized person, after all. There’s no real way to fold it up for storage unless you basically do the same things you would have to do with a body in order to fit it into a smaller space. This would damage your doll, and that’s not what we want. So you may be wondering how to store your sex doll when you aren’t using it.


Well, who says you have to “store” it at all? There are two approaches you can take if you don’t have a storage closet large enough to stow your doll out of the way when you don’t need it. One way is to move your doll around the house or apartment as if it were a real person. You can sit her on the couch, you can sit her on a chair, or you can put her just about anywhere else that a person could sit or lie down. This way, she becomes something you’re proud of. But this is not discreet enough for many people, who don’t exactly want anyone knowing they have bought a sex doll. We understand the need for discretion.


That’s why we prefer the second method of storing a sex doll. Simply put her in your bed and cover her up. That’s the perfect place for something the size of a human being, after all. Your bed accommodates you at night and can accommodate your sex doll, too. Just tuck her in when not in use, sleep beside her at night, and pull her close whenever you get the urge. There’s no reason she has to leave the bed at all, really.


You may find that you have some opportunities to take pictures of your doll when she’s covered up this way. A picture of your sex doll under the covers, seemingly sleeping, is remarkably accurate to that of a living person, especially if you choose to shoot the sex doll from certain angles.


Q. What happens if I get tired of my sex doll?

A. We understand that there may come a time when you and your sex doll must part ways. When that happens, we hope you will consider us for your next purchase. We would be happy to share with you another of our sexy creations. Before you get rid of your old sex doll, though, there are some things you need to consider.


For example, your sex doll is the size and roughly the weight of a real person. You can’t just go dumping her in the trash or leaving her out for pickup, because the “body” will be noticed and people may assume there’s a real corpse there and not a doll. Of course, you also don’t want the whole neighborhood knowing your business, so you probably don’t want to leave your “dead” doll out for the trash where anybody can see.


You’re also not going to be selling your doll to anyone, or at least we hope not. We don’t think it would be particularly sanitary to reuse sex robots. Once she’s done with you, she’s done with everyone, and you should find a way to dispose of her discreetly so that there’s no mistaking her “body” for evidence of a crime. What we’re basically saying here is, don’t just roll her up on a blanket and take her to the landfill. There’s too much potential for something to go wrong, and by “potential,” we mean that your neighbors might assume you’re some kind of serial killer.