How Shopoza Changed the World 1 Blog at a Time

27 Oct

blonde-emma1-140x210-164x250Shopoza here! Hope you guys have thoroughly enjoyed our blogs. The main point of our blogs is for you to gather information on how to make your sex life better. There are some of you out there who are content with just your dolls but there are others who would like to use their dolls as a way to get better at sex and try to pick up more females. Regardless the information we have provided on our site will help you to do both because they are related. The sex positions are made to be practiced on the dolls so you can enjoy the dolls. Also, if you prefer to use the dolls to learn the sex positions and perform them on real women then you can do that. Just warn your ladies that they will not be able to get enough of you haha! Keep on reading out blogs and you will be filled with lots and lots of information and you will be filling your ladies with that same information. Now time for some more sex positions! Hope you are ready to read them and practice them. Just remember practice makes perfect and when it comes time to perform you will be the man in your jungle. The lion that dominates. The cheetah that out runs everyone.

  1. The manhandle: Take your women and put her up against the wall face first. You come from the back and will have easy access to her pussy from the back. If you are taller you may have to bend down a little more. This position is extremely good for both of you. It is good for the guy because you are able to be in a position of power, one that dominates and one that will allow you to thrust extra deep into her while being able to touch her tits, ass, and clit just by reaching your hand over. You will have her loving it and wanting more and more and more. For the women its good because they will love getting screwed from the back, you can put your dick so deep in her and her G-spot will extra stimulated. Not only that her clit will be rubbed something our dolls can help with too because their pussies are shaped nicely .
  2. Corridor Canoodling: If you are looking for a quick sex at a random time in the day go ahead and you. Go into a corridor and you will have to have your foot against one wall and your back on the other wall. Your girl or dolls can sit on top of you and right on top of your dick. She can ride you as your dick will be straight up going hard. You can take your doll and bang it hard too. It’s a good quick position good for fast sex. It will take some practice but like I said earlier you go to dominate, dominate , dominate!, practice makes perfect
  3. The good spread: For this you will need a flexible girl who can almost do the splits. For those girls who are not as flexible you will need to work on this before trying this move with your man. The dolls are made for that and are extremely flexible and thus will provide ultimate fun and excitement and practice for the real thing. The man lays on his back on the bed and the women does the splits right on top of his dick. The guy can be in position by grabbing her thighs so you can control the situation. You can reach over and grab her clit or if you like grab her ass and even her tits because they will all be at your reach. For the girl she should place her hands on your chest and use that as strength to give her the ability to rock back and forth right on top of you. This position with her spreading farther and farther will get your dick in so deep you will be hitting her cervix. She will not know how to handle it and will have some of the best orgasms every for both you and her. What are you waiting for grab your doll and start practicing.
  4. Kneeling fox: This is a variation of doggy style where the girl is on her knees but bends her back low to the ground. The guy comes from behind and conforms her to body. This position is extra good for the man because you can touch her asshole, rub her clit, rub her tits and most important smack her ass and pull her hair if shes into all that kinda stuff and you hope she is. You can also get in extra deep into her pussy with this position and even deeper if you grab her shoulders and use it as leverage to get your dick in even deeper. The guy can lay back also and use this position for support to thrust deep. This will knock her socks right off as you will be hitting her g-spot on top of all that other stimulation.

So hope you enjoyed those four sex positions I have intimately described for you. They are some of the best and have been proven time after time to be some of the most fun, most erotic, and best ways to get your partner off so they can enjoy it too. These positions are perfect to practice with the dolls as our dolls are some of the best in the industry. They are worth every penny and you cant put a price on good sex and a good orgasm as many men can attest too. Because the ultimate fun thing in life is good sex and good orgasm. So go out there do your thing, approach women with confidence, and bang your dolls and your women like you never have before because you will know have the skills that you never had before. The ability to pleasure a women with many positions and many skill sets.