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12 Nov

sex-doll-brunette-candy1-164x250 What is the best way to get this practice in? Of course the answer is a sex doll. We aren’t selling just any sex doll and this is something you can only know once you buy one. Look back at our previous blogs to see why our sex dolls are the best but just to remind you: . Our sex dolls are not only some of the most beautiful but also will provide you with the most real feeling. It is easy sex with a girl any time you want, any position you want and no fear of STD’s! You can orgasm inside of her, not have to use a condom, or you can bust all over her face just like many men have dreamed of doing. The silicon sex dolls will last several years and will be able to handle the most aggressive of men. In this entry in our blog I want to talk about. Sex toys in general are highly sought after things but it is the sex dolls that taken the crown. They are becoming very popular and the demand is increasing year after year. We are having a hard time keeping up with the demand but we have increased production. The sex dolls offer realistic sexual experiences. It can provide unmatched sexual bust inside them all day and you don’t have to worry about them getting pregnant haha. So you can bust inside them all day just make sure to clean them out but you can enjoy the cream pie for the time being. They are always available to you at any time and they will never say no. Our modern sex dolls are the some of the most realistic and you will enjoy their huge voluptuous tits and there tight vaginal opening with realistic feel on the inside. The opening of the vagina is bendable and created in a way that will allow to put the doll in different positions while still having its vaginal opening be extra tight. Let me provide you with other insights into why you would get a sex doll. You would be lying to us and yourself if you said you weren’t worried about your sexual performance. A sex doll is infinitely patient and can be used to practice out all your sex positions before you can try it on the real thing. Some sex dolls out there aren’t that flexible but ours will let you do any sex position you can put your mind too. Speaking of sex positions let me add some more sexual positions you should try with your sex dolls.

  1. The sultry saddle:it is sideways sex. So you lay down with your knees bent and legs apart and you put the doll right on top of your dick but sideways. It’s a little tricky to do in live practice but that is the benefit with the dolls. You can practice this and get it down before doing it for real
  2. The face to face: sit up indian style and have the doll facing you with its big voluptuous tits right at your beckon call. This position is very romantic but with your dolls you can get your dick in extra deep
  3. Standing up: Have the doll facing the wall and you fuck it from behind but have it standing up. This position is so good especially for the women because it will help you to hit their g-spot. The dolls don’t have g-spots but if you practice this position on the sex doll then when it comes to the real thing your partner will not be able to get enough of you. Learning the g-spot is the probably the best thing you can do for your sex life. You will have girls lined up waiting to bang you. Girls who have good sex will tell their friends about you and you will light a fire in your sex life. All thanks to your sex doll
  4. The scissors: Not all sex positions are made to just tear your girls pussy right up. This position is good for intimate sex. So once you get your girlfriend (don’t tell her your secret about your sex doll) you can use this position to impress her and become more intimate with her. You will be able to not only bang her deep, but you can have easy access to her clitoral area. It’s not a very exciting position but boy will it feel good physically. Practice with the doll and the key is to positioning yourself in a way that allows you to get your hands on the clit. Maximizing clitoral stimulation while inserting your penis in her vagina will help make you the sex master. She will be begging for sex.
  5. The Spider: hopefully your penis isn’t pointed so backward because in this position you lay down on your back facing one direction and she lays down on her back in the other direction but with your dick facing her pussy. You then bring your knees together. The benefits of this position is that you can use the bed to give you the strength you need to drill your girl. This position is a bit complicated but if you practice it with your doll you will be the ultimate guru and you girl will be thank you that you just gave her the best orgasm she has ever had.
Hope you enjoyed this blog we will giving away more sex positions and showing how to do them and the benefits it will provide you in your desire to become the sex master.