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Product Description

Meet Blonde Britney
5’4″ Britney happens to be one of our most coveted blonde sex dolls. She is unique, flexible, and exceptionally sultry. Her presence has a completely enveloping sexual aura which makes her very different from other sex dolls. Britney is made from premium quality material with very high durability and flexibility.

Her ass, mouth and vagina(100-170mm diameter) have been fully designed to give you nothing shorter than extreme pleasure and absolute sexual satisfaction. Britney will most definitely unlock different levels of ecstasy for you, as she pleases you orally, vaginally and anally. You can do whatever you can think of with her as long as it will bring you complete sexual satisfaction.

Take Britney on your sexual adventures and indulge in secret sexual fantasies with this blonde beauty, no matter how weird or extreme they are. She will most certainly make sure you experience complete pleasure and satisfaction throughout your sexual adventures.

Top Quality
Providing premium quality sex dolls like Britney for all our needing customers made our website what it is today. Today, our website is regarded as one of the most preferred online destination for high quality sex dolls because we have a tradition of providing only the best. This is NOT a full “blow up” inflatable sex doll made from completely plastic. We only offer sex dolls with the highest materials possible, which simulate the feeling of real skin and are odorless, non-toxic, washable, and durable. Our dolls are semi-inflatable which means that a portion of the doll inflates with the majority of major body parts being 100% pure silicone.

The Manufacturing Process
We ensured that each Britney sex doll has the required amount of quality before we decided to introduce them to our customers. Ensuring we provide you with sex dolls of the highest quality has always been our biggest focus and we made sure that each Britney sex doll from our collection represents this.  Please note the images provided are illustration purposes and may or may not reflect the actual doll due to customized manufacturing processes.

Every Day Fun With Britney
Britney is the perfect cuddling partner. You can cuddle for as long as you want with Britney anywhere in your home without any restrictions, whatsoever. Her presence feels exactly like that of a real woman and this makes it perfect for everyday cuddling.

Due to the highly custom made to order manufacturing process, you should receive Britney within 3-4 weeks from when the orders is processed. All returns or refund requests must be raised within 5 days of receipt. For any other inquiries, please reach out to Customer Service.

2 reviews for Blonde Britney

  1. 4 out of 5


    Ever since a certain singing sensation hit the scene, I’ve been so turned on by her that I’ve bought all her albums and downloaded all her music videos. I’ve always dreamed, or more accurately, fantasized about having my very own Britney to use and abuse sexually. Now I finally have her, and at a very affordable price, too. Shopoza is great and I can’t thank them enough for fulfilling this longest held fantasy of mine. Now Britney and I can make love and, hey, if it isn’t perfect the first time, oops, we can do it again.

  2. 4 out of 5


    I will admit it. I have always had a fetish for Britney Spears. When I saw the Blonde Britney model advertised on Shopoza, I knew that I had finally found my girl. She has such great, perky breasts, and I can’t help but think and fantasize about all the times I wanted my very own Britney in my bed for my pleasure. Well, I finally have her with Blonde Britney, and I can put her in any position I want for as long as I want. I’m in absolute heaven. I may never leave the house again. Blonde Britney rocks!

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