Reverse Style

28 Nov

We strive to make the highest quality product, with the most beautiful real life features and we will not let high demand take away from high quality. The dolls are exceptional and you can use them over and over and over to practice these moves and assess how well you can perform them, how good the orgasm is for you, and if you even enjoy that particular sex position. Don’t hesitate to try all the sex positions but if you can get five or sex of them down and pull them out when it comes time to perform you will be “ the man”. That is what thanksgiving is all about and I am sure your sex partner will be thankful for the skills you are bringing to the table. Because the ultimate fun thing in life is good sex and good orgasm. So go out there do your thing, approach women with confidence, and bang your dolls and your women like you never have before because you will know have the skills that you never had before. The ability to pleasure a women with many positions and many skill sets. This is what people will be thankful for. You will be thankful to us for providing the dolls and the knowledge, your girl will be thankful she has a man that can pleasure her and give her the sex shes been looking for, and we are thankful you are using our product to gain the confidence, the skills, and the ability to pleasure a women to the max.

  1. Reverse cow girl: This is the ultimate, the best, my favorite move and if you are a butt man then this is the move for you. In this move you as the guy lay on the bed on your back with your legs spread out. The girl then comes and sits on top of your penis but instead of facing you she is facing in the other direction such that you see her ass bouncing up and down on your dick and you can see her cute butthole and your dick going deeper and deeper on your dick. If she is good she will lean forward and you will get an even better view at this will open up her pussy and ass for you to see. Take your hand and sit up and you can kiss her neck, grab her tits, rub her clits, and finger her asshole. If you are very kinky then you can grab a dildo and put it up her asshole and double penetrate her or you can even be more erotic and try to fit a dildo in her pussy along with your dick and double do it. Not many girls will be able to fit both of these things in there but it’s worth a try but maybe not initially. In addition, not all girls cum but if she cums this is the position she will do it as it will nail her g spot and you can grab her tits and clits and increase the chance this will happen. If she cums you will see it coming down on your dick and it will increase the excitement. The girl can control the angle, the speed, and the motions of this position and if you can enjoy watching yourself have sex this is the position to do it as it gives a nice view of whats going on. Also the guy can thrust upward if he choose as the girl is going up on his dick. The girl can rock back and forth and create the best orgasm for herself and yourself. Too make this more adventurous you can transition this move to either doggystyle and slam her so hard she cant walk straight. You can then also put your dick in her ass and do this same position but just from the ass position. This will take a little coordination but it can be done if your girl gets her asshole loose enough but that’s your job. Rub her asshole when you are doing the reverse cowgirl when you dick is in her pussy. This will loosen her up and you can put your dick in her pussy and then can slam her pussy with a dildo if you choose and grab her clit. This move is just amazing at the versatility and sexual orgasm you can accomplish. There is no other move in my mind because you can just transition to so many other moves from this position. You can do anal, vaginal, grab her tits, grab her ass, and grab her clits. You can transition to doggy style and take her out or you can have her sit on your dick and just twist back into facing you now and this is a brand new move. You can transition among all three of these moves every minute or every 10 minute and your girl will be amazement and so will you because there’s not many moves that allow for movement from position to position as smoothly as this one does. However! You need to practice this with your dolls because the movements need to be flawless and you need to be a pro and act like you do this all the time.

Hope you guys enjoyed my thanksgiving blog!